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The Crew Adds Three, Warzycha Explains Why

January 16, 2009

The Crew selected three players in yesterday’s draft. Paul Gerstenberger and Alex Grendi were second and third round picks respectively. Chris Clements was the last pick in the fourth and final round. I don’t know too much about these players other than Gerstenberger is a decent left back prospect so that elevates him above similar players. Clements is reported to have good feet for a big defender. Grendi is a left footed midfielder and that was supposedly his strong suite.

These players are not expected to do anything immediately and I don’t expect all of them to make it through to the regular season roster, but I am cautiously optimistic that Gerstenbergercan make the transition to be a MLS calibre player; left backs are hard to come by. I also hope that Grendi can offer something besides a left foot, and that Clements shows quick thinking on top of his quick feet.

The Crew posted this clip of Head Coach Robert Warzycha and Brian Bliss, explaining what they saw in each player. The sound is a little hard to hear at times, but it is great to see something like this posted the day after the draft.

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